Metal Spray Galvanizing
Metal Spray Galvanizing 2017-12-11T12:14:19+00:00

Metal spray galvanizing is a process where a coating is applied to a steel surface by spraying it with atomized particles of molten zinc or other similar metals. This is done by projecting the particles onto the surface using a handgun applicator or a special flame. The metal coating provides excellent corrosion resistance for steel and iron objects and structures used in various environments such as marine, industrial or other unfavourable atmospheric conditions. Protection against aggressive environments such as salt spray conditions can be enhanced by applying other coatings onto the surface.

This process is also suitable for structural components which cannot be dipped into a galvanizing bath due to large size, and for objects that would become distorted during hot-dip galvanizing. The method is also used on sections of objects that cannot be accessed by hot-dip galvanizing.