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The Highest Quality Industrial Corrosion Protection Coating & Sandblasting Services Throughout Melbourne – Victoria

Melbourne Industrial Coating is a reliable industrial coating specialist in Melbourne. With over a decade of expertise in the industry, we offer our services across Melbourne and Victoria. We understand the diverse needs of our customers from the domestic, commercial, and industrial sectors and strive to provide them with effective coating solutions, anti corrosion protection, corrosion resistant coating, and spray painting services to safeguard their property and machinery.

Some of our popular services include:

Industrial coating

Industrial Coating is the process of applying a protective coating on industrial tools, equipment, and machinery to prevent damage, corrosion, reaction, and to extend their life. Depending on the type of machinery and coating used, there are several types of industrial coating techniques such as stainless-steel coating, protective metal coating, anti corrosion coating, etc. Some of the common applications for industrial coating are on Forklifts, Scissor Lifts, Bulldozers, Cranes, Excavators, and so on.

Spray painting

Spray painting is another method to safeguard the surface of industrial tools and machinery. There are chances of the metal reacting to elements such as moisture, heat, pressure, and so on. There could also be reactions to toxins and chemicals which can damage and weaken the equipment. The probability of such damage and corrosion are high in an industrial environment.

Several of our clients who deal with the industrial, construction, and similar sectors that employ the rough use of machinery, opt for our protective paints and industrial paint coatings to protect their machinery.

Industrial sandblasting Services

This is another popular service amongst clients who use large and tough machinery for heavy works. There are chances of tools and equipment collecting layers of rust, oxidation, chemical residues, paint spills, concrete, and cement stains, and so on due to the work environment. Industrial & Mobile sandblasting employs high pressure on these surfaces to remove the debris settled. It renders a clean and polished surface, making the machinery seem like new, and enhances performance and life.

Melbourne Industrial Coating is led by a team of experts who have devised premium-quality, safe, and durable industrial paints with years of research. We render our services through our team of skilled workforce who will do a quick and neat job. Depending on the requirements of the customer, we customise our works. Customer satisfaction is paramount for Melbourne Industrial Coating, so all our services are affordable by people from all walks of life.

Advantages of industrial spray painting

Industrial spray painting is a preferred mode for painting for several business and industry owners. It is considered to the best means for applying paint quickly over large surfaces at minimal cost. Some of the benefits of industrial spray painting are as follows:

  1. Quick and efficient – When it comes to industrial equipment, machinery or general industrial surfaces, the surface area can be quite large. The industrial spray-painting method is the quickest when it comes to such huge surface areas. The spray can be dispensed over large areas in minimal time and with minimal wastage.
  2. High transfer application – Industrial spray painting is known to render a great finish at reduced costs alongside making the maximum use of the painting materials. This makes it a worth for money deal.
  3. Controlled atomisation – Industrial spray-painting systems operate by means of a high-pressure build up that forces the paint out of the nozzle as a spray which gives a great finish on all surfaces. A bigger nozzle might be required to apply paints that are thicker or with greater viscosity. Depending on the thickness of the paint and the surface area, these nozzles can be customised.
  4. Versatile – Industrial spray painting can be used for the application of a variety of liquid materials such as paints, stains and primers, and guarantees a high degree of uniform coverage on many surfaces such as wood, metal, plastic etc.
  5. Less wastage – Unlike conventional painting techniques which can result in the wastage of the paint, industrial spray painting is a specialised technique that lessens overspray and bounce backs during application. As the spray is soft, the application is cleaner and uniform with minimal wastage.
  6. Better spray finish – The normal pressure range of Industrial spray-painting systems is up to 6,000 pounds per square inch. Expelled at high pressure, the paint particles produce a seamless finish.

Melbourne Industrial is your leading source in Melbourne and across Victoria for top-quality spray painting and industrial coating services & mobile sandblasting service at affordable prices. Get in touch with us on 0414 379 388 if you have any questions!