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Sydney’s Specialists in the Application of industrial Coatings & Spray Painting

Melbourne Industrial Coating is a Melbourne-based spray painting and protective coating specialist. Melbourne Industrial Coating is a pioneer in the industrial coating service industry, and we have clients from residential, business, corporate and industrial sectors who have formed lasting relationships with us. We understand that every client is different and so are their needs. Acknowledging this, we have experts who can customise solutions depending on your requirement.

We have been in the industry for over a decade and offer a plethora of services across Sydney and New South Wales such as:

Industrial coatings

Industrial machinery is constantly exposed to extreme treatment and they require specialized care and maintenance to keep them in good condition. Depending on the nature of the industry, machinery and tools come in contact with elements such as water, heat, pressure, wind, etc which over time can cause damage and reduce their efficiency. Moreover, exposure to chemicals and fumes can corrode the part of the equipment often leading to accidents. Hence, it is important to secure them using industrial protective coating techniques like anti corrosion coating & protective coating. Based on the kind of surface and structure, we offer industrial paint coatings, industrial protective coating, stainless steel coating, protective metal coating, and anti corrosion protection coating.

Industrial Spray painting

Spray painting is the spraying of specialized protective paint on industrial equipment and surfaces. It can be used across a variety of materials and surfaces such as wood, plastic, metal, fiberglass, machinery, and so on. In the process, the industrial paint coating & industrial spray painting acts as an intermediary between the surface and external factors, thus protecting the surface from any harsh exposure or abrasions.

Industrial Sandblasting Services

Machinery in the industrial sector can be exposed to a variety of substances and elements, causing reactions such as oxidations, rust, and lime scales. Besides damaging the surface, these layers can decrease the finish and productivity of the item. The solution to such damaged equipment or surface is industrial & mobile sandblasting services, wherein the affected item is placed under high pressure, which removes the scaling and debris, leaving a smooth surface.

All our services are executed by experienced professionals who are guaranteed to do a quick, hassle-free, and neat job. Our products are of high quality, comply with the health standards of Australia, and are eco-friendly, ensuring that we do not damage the environment in any way. We have on-boarded the best of equipment and technology that helps our technicians in dispensing seamless coating sessions and results only in minimal wastage.

Anti-corrosion protection coating – New South Wales: High Performance protection for Steel & Metal

Commercial and industrial sectors use large amounts of metal machinery and equipment. They are exposed to intense usage and to factors such as wind, moisture, sunlight, and pressure, which can deplete their quality and strength. This can adversely impact their functioning and productivity. It is essential to apply an anti corrosion protection coating to safeguard this expensive machinery and assets. Find below some of the benefits of using a corrosion resistant coating.

  1. Reduces repair costs – When metallic machinery or tools are exposed to toxins, chemicals, or the elements, the resultant chemical or electrochemical reactions can lead to the deterioration of the strength and efficiency of the metal. This weakens the core of the metal, making it weak and prone to breakage. This means, more money is required to fix it. But when you apply an anti corrosion protection coating, it acts as a shield and protects the metal, thus reducing the costs that might incur for repairs.
  2. Reduces operating losses – When you have deteriorated or corroded equipment and tools, the production may need to be paused while the machinery is being fixed or replaced. This can affect the rate of production, which inevitably leads to a loss. With corrosion resistant, sturdy machinery in place, the production line can go on smoothly without interrupting the flow.
  3. Safety – Weak and corroded parts of the machinery are a huge threat to life and safety of the personnel operating them. Loose and broken parts can give away unexpectedly, resulting in mechanical issues, which can lead to harm or accidents. When you have protected your wares with anti-corrosion protection, there is no possibility of damage and the workforce is safe.

Melbourne Industrial Coating is your leading source in Sydney and across New South Wales for top-quality spray painting, anti corrosion protection coating,  industrial coating, industrial protective paint, and mobile sandblasting services at affordable prices. Get in touch with us on 0414 379 388 if you have any questions!