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Cost-Effective, Long-Term Industrial Coating Solutions in Adelaide and across South Australia

Melbourne Industrial Coating is a leading industrial coating and allied works specialist based in Melbourne. We extend our services across the suburbs of Adelaide and South Australia as well. We have invested several years in research and development to formulize the best kind of coating solutions for our clients. Our expert team of experienced professionals renders the services using state-of-the-art technology and premium-quality products which are guaranteed to satisfy. Our specializations include:

Industrial Coating:

They are manufactured mostly as anti corrosion protection coating. The main aim of adding this corrosion resistant coating is to prevent corrosion of concrete and steel materials and extend their life span. The two types of industrial coating are stainless steel coating and protective metal coating. They are mainly applied through paint rollers, brushes, spinning methods, autophoretic applications, and airless sprayers.

We cater to corrosion resistant coating for a variety of industrial machinery such as Forklifts, Scissor Lifts, Bulldozers, Cranes, and Excavators, etc. As these are heavy-duty items, industrial protective paint will take them a long way and ensure longevity and corrosion resistance. Stainless steel coating, anti corrosion coating, and protective metal coating also serve similar purposes and are in great demand in Adelaide and South Australia.

Spray Painting:

Industrial spray painting is completely different from regular spray painting as it is made for commercial and industrial metal applications. It uses the concept of protective paint for metal and steel to prevent it from corroding and is durable. This is one of the quicker methods of adding industrial paint coatings as they dry faster than regular paint coating. Our industrial spray painting services have demanded in various sectors. Many customers approach us for this service as this is quick, affordable, and offers great protection for surfaces.

Industrial Sandblasting:

Sandblasting is a method to clean industrial and commercial structures by propelling a stream of abrasive materials under pressure on a metal surface to smoothen it and remove surface contaminants. This can also be used to shape the surface. Industrial mobile sandblasting services are yet another popular service. In this, stubborn particles such as paint, rust, and residue from oxidation on various surfaces are removed by rough scrubbing and polishing.

Our services are long-lasting, durable, affordable, and safe. We attend to a diverse customer base, which includes homeowners, businesses, corporate, industries, and more.

Why do you need professional industrial coating?

Industrial machinery is intended for rough use and this can largely damage their external surfaces. They are also used outdoors where they are exposed to extreme weather conditions such as heat, moisture, and pressure variations, which can damage them. This makes it necessary to do a professional industrial coating for all machinery and equipment. Here are some of the benefits of the industrial coating or anti corrosion resistant coating.

  1. Appearance – Machinery, and tools with dull and chipped paint can come across as lethargic and inefficient to many clients. Applying a fresh coat of industrial paint or corrosion resistant paint can uplift the look and save the company’s image in the eyes of the customers. It helps in garnering the client’s confidence and trust.
  2. Protection – Industrial protective coating or corrosion resistant coating can act as a protective layer on the surface of the tools or machinery and safeguard them from corrosion, damage, and rust. This makes them last long and in good condition.
  3. Weather resistance – Moisture and heat have adverse effects on metal and hence a protective paint will not let these factors affect the surface, thus retaining the equipment in desirable condition.
  4. Productivity – When the machinery and equipment are in good condition, there is lesser maintenance required. This means the workforce can continue work without hindrances, inevitably resulting in better productivity.
  5. Less maintenance – When the equipment and machinery are in good condition, it is easier to maintain them and the costs involved are also reduced.

Melbourne Industrial Coating is your leading source in Adelaide and across South Australia for top-quality spray painting, mobile sandblasting service,  and industrial coating services at affordable prices. Get in touch with us on 0414 379 388 if you have any questions!