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Industrial Sandblasting, Coatings and Spray Painting Services in Brisbane – Queensland

The search for the best industrial coatings, spray painting, and sandblasting ends with Melbourne Industrial Coating. Based in Melbourne, we offer our services across the suburbs of Brisbane and Queensland as well. Over the past ten years, we have redefined the standards of the industrial coating industry across Australia. We are driven to render exceptional quality products, techniques, and results to our clients. We have a host of returning clients from the domestic, commercial, and industrial sectors who have laid their faith in us.

Melbourne Industrial Coating believes in delivering international quality services at local prices and to accomplish this goal, we have procured the best of modern equipment and tools, latest techniques, and skilled personnel – all of which are guaranteed to give the best results. We offer lifetime guarantee on our services. Some of our most sought-after services include:

Industrial protective coating

Industrial coating is one of the most sought-after services for our industrial and similar heavy-duty industry clients. As the industrial sector relies heavily on tough machinery and sturdy tools for their works, the chances of them becoming obsolete due to exposure to elements are quick. Water is the main cause wherein it can lead to rusting and oxidations. Heat, pressure, chemicals, and toxins also can deteriorate the strength of metal machinery and lead to a breakdown. Therefore, using services such as stainless steel coatings, anti corrosion coating, protective metal coating, anti corrosion protection, etc can safeguard your tools and ensure longer life. We have regular clients who come for corrosion resistant coating for their industrial forklifts, scissor lifts, bulldozers, excavators, and others.

Industrial Spray painting

Besides metals, industries also employ other materials such as wood, glass, reinforced fiber, and plastic among others for their applications and tools. They are constantly in close contact with elements and toxins which can cause extensive damage. Using protective paint is a wise solution to protecting an array of surfaces from damage as the paint coating works as a barrier against adverse factors and protecting the core item.

Industrial sandblasting

Industrial machinery is sturdy and has continued working for several years. Even if they remain strong, chances are that their surfaces can accumulate debris such as rust, paint, and chemical splashes, cement stains, and so on, which can eventually form a layer on them. This can damage the surface area and decrease its efficiency. We offer affordable industrial & mobile sandblasting services across Brisbane and Queensland. High pressure is employed on the affected surface, which removes the debris from the surface, leaving a clean item.

We function keeping in mind the expectations of our clients and strive to give them the best they deserve in terms of quality services and comfortable customer support.

Why do you need Industrial Sandblasting & Protective Coatings for Heavy Industry across Brisbane

Industrial Sandblasting & industrial protective paint is a common method used in the industrial sector to remove tough residues, stains, and other imperfections on industrial surfaces to render a smooth and workable space. The following are some of the benefits of industrial sandblasting services.

  1. Clean – Industrial sandblasting is a method of buffing to remove all the mill scale, oil, and rust that occur on metallic surfaces. Several other toxic materials can also be removed during this process, which might otherwise be difficult to remove using a manual cleaning method.
  2. Cost effective – The medium used for sandblasting is long-lasting and hence can be reused multiple times. This makes it an economical choice and brings down the costs.
  3. Effortless – Cleaning a metal surface manually can be a tedious and strenuous process alongside being lengthy. Industrial sandblasting is a good alternative to this concern and will execute the said process quickly and more efficiently.
  4. Efficient – Stubborn items such as old paint need to be thoroughly removed before applying a fresh coat. Residual particles can mar the neat finish. When industrial sandblasting is performed, all the debris is removed alongside the remnants of the old paint, thus leaving a smooth place for the painter to work on. This makes the newly painted surface look seamless and neat.
  5. Customisable – When it comes to industrial sandblasting, there is an array of materials such as walnut shells or lime which are biodegradable, to do the process. Steel grit with specific roughness and similar materials are also available. Depending on one’s preferences and budget, they can pick the material of their choice.

Melbourne Industrial Coating is your leading source in Brisbane and across Queensland for top-quality industrial spray painting, mobile sandblasting services, industrial paint coating & protective coating services at affordable prices. Get in touch with us on 0414 379 388 if you have any questions!