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Specialists in Spray Painting, Sandblasting and Coating for Industrial Purposes in Perth – Western Australia

Melbourne Industrial Coating is the one-stop shop for all kinds of coatings, spray painting, and sandblasting in Perth and Western Australia. Adhering to the highest quality standards, we have completed over ten successful years in the industry, serving clients from all walks of life.

We offer an assortment of services such as

Industrial coatings

Industrial coatings is a highly recommended service for sectors using heavy machinery in extreme conditions. Factors such as rough use, moisture, heat, high pressures, force, etc can hamper the strength and condition of the metals. This will lead to an eventual breakdown, which can cost a lot in terms of money and productivity. To avoid such mishaps, opt from our range of industrial protective coating options such as stainless steel coatings, protective metal coating, anti corrosion protection, anti corrosion coating, protective paint, and corrosion resistant coating. The coating will act as a protective shield and safeguard the tools and equipment.

Spray painting

Industrial spray painting is a preferred choice amongst heavy industries to protect their machines and tools. Being a versatile coating option, spray painting can be used across materials and surfaces such as Containers, Piping, Machinery, Metals, Plastics, Woods, Fiberglass, etc. The Industrial protective paint & paint coatings layer acts as a barrier against exposure and prevents reactions and corrosion. Unlike normal spray paint, industrial paint coatings dry quickly and last longer.

Industrial sandblasting services

Commercial structures and machinery are prone to the accumulation of rust, paint splashes, metal chips, concrete stains, and so on due to the work ethos they are used in. This can mar the surface and sometimes hinder their efficient functioning. In such scenarios, industrial & mobile sandblasting is a recommended technique to alleviate all such debris from surfaces. The process runs the abrasive surface under high pressure to clear the residues, resulting in a clean and smooth surface.

We function with the purpose of delivering international quality services to our local customer base and we have onboarded equipment and technology that are on par with the global standards. Our crew is handpicked and come with exceptional expertise and professionalism, guaranteed to deliver seamless and satisfactory services. Understanding the varied needs of our customers, we curate customized packages for them, based on their requirements and budget. Besides our services, our experts are also equipped to give advice on industrial coatings, spray painting, and mobile sandblasting services, which will be the most ideal for each customer.

Benefits to Apply Protective Metal Coatings & Spray Painting for Perth’s Industrial Machinery

Most metals respond to elements such as heat, moisture, pressure, and can react when exposed to chemicals. This can have an adverse effect on the general well being of the metal. Industrial machinery is manufactured out of several metals and these kinds of reactions can weaken the structure of the equipment. Depletion in the strength of the structure can lead to breakage and corrosion, which will impact the optimum usage. It is advisable to apply a layer of protective metal coating to safeguard the metal from such reactions and exposures. The following are some of the benefits of a protective coating.

  1. Weather protection – Weather is the biggest concern for metal. Varying heat and cold levels, and pressure variations can weaken the metal and erode the upper layers. When you have a protective metal coating such as a stainless-steel coating, it will act as a shield against the forces and safeguard it from reactions and corrosion.
  2. Fire Resistance – Industries sometimes deal with heating systems and even naked fires. There is always a risk of a mishap and hence it is vital to invest in a fireproof protective metal coating so that in case there is a fire outrage, the metal machinery is not damaged and they do not act as conductors. This is also a good step towards ensuring a safe working environment for your staff.
  3. Hygiene – This is often an overlooked fact – naked metals can be breeding grounds for several microbes and bacteria. This can pose a threat to life and safety in certain situations. Hence items that are used in hospitals and surgical stations must ideally have a protective metal coating to be sterile and prevent the breeding of any organisms.

Melbourne Industrial Coating is your leading source in Perth and across Western Australia for top-quality spray painting, industrial paint coatings, industrial coating services, and mobile sandblasting services at affordable prices at affordable prices. Get in touch with us on 0414 379 388 if you have any questions!