Triplex Coating Systems
Triplex Coating Systems 2017-12-13T12:47:20+00:00

Melbourne Industrial Coating is proud to be one of a few select applicators of the Triplex® system.

Triplex® is a coating system that utilizes the unique characteristics of the metal spray galvanizing process and the powder coating process that enables a performance warranty against corrosion of the base metal for a period of ten years.

The Triplex® process is as follows:

Abrasive blasting
Application of metal spray galvanizing in aluminium and zinc

Double powder coat
The fabrication is scrutinized before preparation begins. Abrasive blasting to class 3 provides the cleanest profile to the surface of the steel. Spray galvanizing of the prepared steelwork leaves a pure galvanizing layer free of dags and un-compromised by the need to dress the surface for coating. Multiple coating layers of powder coat secure the galvanizing layer and provide the end user with an architectural finish on their external steelwork.